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PreciousEggs offers flexible, highly successful, and affordable donor egg and embryo creation options. Our many options allow you to choose what best fits your needs to build your family.

PreciousEggs Fresh

PreciousEggs is a Donor Host Clinic with Egg Donor Collaborative, one of the largest providers of fresh donor eggs in the America. Because we have the ability to cycle 4 to 8 donors at our center each month, it provides you with the opportunity to use fresh donor eggs. You are able to choose from our high quality PreciousEggs donors preparing for their upcoming cycle, potential donors that have not yet been matched, as well as donors who have donated eggs in the past and are eligible to donate again.

PreciousEggs Frozen

Our frozen donor egg options allow you to choose from an expanded selection of donors whose eggs have already been retrieved. Frozen donor eggs are immediately available to you, and each donor has already undergone a very thorough screening and testing process. You will have the peace of mind knowing that the eggs have already been retrieved. Based upon availability, you can order one cohort of eggs or more. For additional frozen donor egg options, PreciousEggs has partnered with Fairfax EggBank.

Embryo Creation

Due to the availability of our in-house PreciousEggs donors and our partnership with Egg Donor Collaborative, you have the unique ability to create embryos using fresh donor eggs. We will fertilize the mature eggs with the sperm that you provide (partner or donor). The embryos can then be utilized at our center in Delaware, or shipped to centers around the world.

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Frozen Vs. Fresh Donor Eggs?

Many intended parents often ask about our perspective on the use of frozen vs. fresh donor eggs. While the overall statistical chance of pregnancy appears to be equal with frozen vs. fresh donor eggs, each individual’s history and future goals are different. We would encourage you to discuss with your physician which option might be best for you.


Find Your Donor

We understand that finding the right donor is a very personal process. Find your Precious Match by registering to gain instant access to full donor profiles. Search from our diverse pool of donors for the characteristics that you value.

Why Choose PreciousEggs?

PreciousEggs provides the most flexible and affordable family building options. This gives you the most choices as well as the ability to collaborate with your local fertility center. Learn more about what makes PreciousEggs unique!