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Egg Donation FAQ

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Why Donate My Eggs?

Women who undergo chemotherapy for cancer, have premature ovarian failure or are of advanced reproductive age often cannot use their own eggs to conceive. The feeling of not being able to build their family can be devastating. These women may need donated eggs from young women in order to have the family they desire.

Young women who choose to donate their eggs are giving a powerful and invaluable gift to these women.


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Who Can Donate Eggs?

A healthy woman of any ethnicity between 21 years and 29 years old may be qualified to be a PreciousEggs™ donor. Qualified donors will be compensated for their time and effort. Women who are interested in becoming an egg donor should fill out our initial application form and a member of our Egg Donation Team will notify you if you are eligible to move forward in the application process.

Why Choose The PreciousEggs Donation Program?

The PreciousEggs™ Donation program is built conveniently around your schedule. You can begin your donor cycle right after being accepted into the program.

Compensation is processed immediately after your cycle for your generous donation.

Egg donation, donating my eggs, egg donor, delaware egg donation, delaware egg donor, egg donation program,

Why do you require that donors be height and weight proportionate?

Egg donors need to be within a healthy weight range (BMI between 18 and 26) to prevent a potential increased risk for medical complications when participating in an egg donation cycle.

Does donating eggs affect future fertility?

No, there is no indication that donating eggs affects future fertility.

How long is the egg donation process?

After completing the application process, the egg donation cycle will take about 2 months.

Is the egg donation process uncomfortable?
You might experience some discomfort during the stimulation and egg retrieval portions of the egg donation process. However, everyone’s experience is unique, so the level of discomfort may vary from person to person.

During the stimulation phase of egg donation, you can expect potential discomfort from blood tests and ultrasounds, which require pinprick injections. There may be some discomfort after the egg retrieval process as well. After being sedated before your egg retrieval, one of our experienced physicians will use a vaginal ultrasound to view your ovaries. They will use a thin needle to retrieve the eggs from your ovary, which takes about 15 to 20 minutes and may cause some menstrual-like cramping afterwards. We provide prescription medication to anyone experiencing discomfort after the procedure.

Will the medications cause any side effects?
The medications we use to stimulate your ovaries are the same hormones found in your body. The hormones may cause side effects similar to how you feel before starting your period, and can include bloating, cramping, nausea and breast tenderness.
If I am on birth control, can I still donate my eggs?
You can still donate if you use birth control pills or other forms of contraceptives such as an IUD or NuvaRing. The type of birth control may affect the timing of when you can cycle. However, we cannot accept egg donors that use Depo-Provera injections as a form of birth control.
Can I donate my eggs if my tubes are tied?
You can donate your eggs even if your tubes are tied. The fallopian tubes are not involved in the retrieval process, just the ovaries.


Where is the PreciousEggs Donation Center located?

The PreciousEggs™ Donation Program has three Delaware locations in Newark, North Wilmington, and Dover that serve donors in the Mid-Atlantic region. On the day of your donation, you will need to travel to our Newark office for your egg retrieval.


4735 Ogletown-Stanton Road
M.A.P. 2, Suite #3217
Newark, DE 19713


Silverside Medical Center
2700 Silverside Road, Suite 2A
Wilmington, DE 19810


Eden Hill Medical Center
200 Banning Street, Suite 240
Dover, DE 19904

When are donors compensated?

If your donor profile is approved and you are eligible to come into the office for your first screening visit, you will be compensated $50 at your first appointment. You will receive $7,950 after your first donation. For each subsequent donation you will be compensated $8,000.

Will I miss any school or work?
Any woman interested in donating should look at her work, school, and/or personal schedule before deciding whether donating is right for them. Most appointments are scheduled for early in the morning, so a potential donor will have as little disruption to her schedule as possible. However, the egg retrieval procedure will require an entire day free.

Due to the time sensitive nature of the procedures, it is very important to make and keep appointments. We require donors to have reliable transportation to and from their appointments. Missed appointments may result in a donation cycle being delayed or canceled.

Will I know whether my donation resulted in helping a family? Will anyone be able to track me down in the future?
Because the PreciousEggs™ Donation Program works with anonymous donors, your identity will not be shared with recipient families. At the same time, we do not share information with egg donors about any potential recipients and whether their donation resulted in a successful pregnancy or birth.

However, we do offer donors the opportunity to have their identity disclosed to any potential children born from their donated eggs when the child reaches age 18. Donors should know that not every child born from donor eggs will want to know the identity of their egg donor, and not every recipient may share that information with their child.

Egg donation, donating my eggs, egg donor, delaware egg donation, delaware egg donor, egg donation program,